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The Trusted Book Publishing Company

Hassle-Free Book Publishing Service with office in New York, USA.

BookArt Press is a book publishing company in New York, USA that offers the most inclusive platforms that provide holistic support for authors from pre-production, distribution to the marketing of their titles.

BookArt Press Solutions treats book publication as a celebration of diversity. As we deal with different authors through the years, we have developed flexible publishing designs that are tailor-made to meet every client need.

Marketing is central to the attainment of every human endeavor. The challenge of selling has always been in presenting the value of the product. The same is true with book promotions — a squarely planned marketing campaign can mean everything for the survival of a title.

Grooming a manuscript before concentrating on book promotion services is the responsibility of a sensitive and professional author. Let a professional editor review your work before you officially launch your title.


What Our Clients Say

I am very pleased with both the cover revisions and the interior content. I’ve printed it out and at first review, it looks as though they did exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you for getting this accomplished. Even the cover changes came out exactly how I explained them. They were great! Well done.

Sandra T. Lemire
Sandra T. Lemire, E-Girls Entrepreneurial Women

“I think you (BAP) do a good job. You appear interested in succeeding for us. It is all appreciated.”

Ruth Callick
Ruth Callick, Run from a Shadow and Oh, Susannah

“It’s been a pleasure for me to be working with everyone I’ve had contact with at Book Art Press and have really enjoyed our association.”

Pame Roscoe
Pame Roscoe, 2394: Mirrors of the Past

“I am very impressed by their swift reaction to the subject of our recent telephone conversation. I am very satisfied.”

Ilya Sapozhnikov
Ilya Sapozhnikov, The Evenings and the Mornings

“I received today a personal copy of my book ‘The Heart of a Poet’ and I am very impressed with your (BAP) publication.”

Terrence Hill
Terrence Hill, The Heart of a Poet