Why Book Art Press?

We believe you are a result-oriented author and we care for your growth, your journey, and your success.

We have skilled consultants that provide the best platforms and strategies using our proven track of experiences both in the US and International demographics. Our team does not only follow the trend in the publishing marketplace, but we design and create based on our authors’ individual needs and potentials.

We are assertive and we are keen on every author’s dream to be noticed by traditional publishing houses. Over the years, Book Art Press has built strong connections towards these major decision-makers by ensuring that every title gets the best attention from literary agents, executives, and book scouts.

Book Art Press goes beyond the average. We have partnered with several film-makers, producers, and studio executives that capture your written words into video clips by using real actors and actresses. Hollywood is not as tough as it can be. We bring out the best of your story to life.

Earning a shelf space for your book is one of the greatest goals. We endeavor your title gets the visibility in front of physical bookstores, libraries and different book fairs and exhibits. We guarantee placement of your book to major online retailers for worldwide distribution.

Our collaborative efforts are meant for your satisfaction. We maintain professional work ethics. As an author-centered approach, we make sure that each platform has undergone extensive research to hit the right market and deliver our utmost commitment.

Book Art Press understands that there’s no one-formula-fits-all approach for every author to be successful. We are geared towards the bigger potentials for your book. Book Art Press is an independent firm that has spent ample time with careful analyses, extensive research and building connections with the major players in the publishing industry. Every author dreams to reach out to the widest audience possible. With Book Art Press, we provide avenues to target, achieve and showcase talents in the 5 major markets: the US, The UK, Australia, Asia and Africa.