Turn your book into an audiobook.

Expand your audience through publishing an audio version of your book! Today, audio books are considered the fastest growing segment in the entire book publishing industry. Reports show that in 2015 approximately 3.88 million audiobooks were downloaded.

Audiobooks today are considered as the fastest growing segment of the publishing industry. More opportunities opens every month for authors who want to get their books converted to an audio format. Streaming audio means that it is easier than ever to purchase and consume audiobooks or podcast. Google Auto and Apple carplay apps brought streaming audio to vehicles in 2016 – 2018 boosting commuter listening.

In addition, the number of audio books production and available right now is considerably smaller compared to printed or eBooks, so there is a greater chance to stand out. A lot of traditionally published authors have signed away from audiobook rights and a lot these published will never be converted into audio, so the latest or indies have the advantage of a rapid response to this growing industry.

Audiobooks will open an opportunity for new market and streamline of revenue for authors. However, it may be complicated as printing eBooks or books. Putting plenty of time, effort and money. That is why, Book Art Press is here to provide this needs and achieve the goal you need for your next audio book publishing.

We believe you are a result-oriented author and we care for your growth, your journey, and your success. We have skilled consultants that provide the best platforms and strategies using our proven track of experiences both in the US and International demographics.

Our team does not only follow the trend in the publishing marketplace,but we design and create based on our authors’ individual needs and potentials. We are assertive and we are keen on every author’s dream to be noticed by traditional publishing houses.

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