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Sparking a higher degree of interest for readers, Book Art Press Solutions has also invested in the creation, restoration, and improvisation of digital arts. The meticulous book illustrations breathe life to your book which will invite the eyes of your readers and also potential investors, engaging them to the story even more.  Our skillful in-house graphic designers have been equipped with the most advanced technology to channel your words into stunning imagery. Through visual stimulation, book marketing has found a new avenue in moving forward into the success of your book.

From children’s books to autobiography books, our designers are divided into specific genres to work on. Each faction assigned to a specific genre is trained to translate your book into a picture which is appropriate for the type of book you have written.  Our designers are also trained to capture the emotions you wish to convey for your illustration making it more engaging for your readers and for possible investors.

The details of the illustration also come as a factor in the delivery of visual information. The precarious combination of stroke styles and colors play a vital role in engagement and book marketing. For this reason, we have three different levels dependent on the level of details for the illustration. Each level conveys different strokes and designing styles, picking one will be important for the proper conveyance of visual information which will lead to the success of your book marketing.

The three different levels are:




Editorial Services

A well-groomed manuscript is always welcome in the tables of producers and has the better chance of landing a deal compared to those that are not edited and rigged with faulty grammar, erroneous punctuation and incoherent paragraphs. A poorly edited manuscript gives decision-makers the wrong impression that the writer is lazy or inexperienced and can injure a burgeoning career before it even starts.

Get BookArt Press’ professional editing services and give your book the refinement it deserves.

Developmental Editing

Our Developmental editing service merges the sharpness of copyediting plus the right-tuning of plot, characterization and setting.