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Hollywood Book-to-Screen

Have you ever thought even for a moment to transform your book into a movie or a television series?

Truth be told, most movies and television series are adapted from a book. Our marketing directors, agents, and affiliated directors are available at your disposal to make this dream into a reality. We, along with our third party partners, prepare your book to enter the Hollywood market.

Preparation of your book into a movie material comes in various forms, which are:


When movie creators are looking for a fresh idea for movie, they would usually log in to a database and read well-written synopsis to choose from. Hence, our creative writers are present to create your professional synopsis and place it in a database for your book to be considered to be a candidate.


Your book is a raw material that needs to be transformed into a movie-ready material. Through our Hollywood Treatment, your work will be transformed into a Screenplay and make your work more available to Hollywood movie creators.


Movie creators are constantly in need for plots and stories to be shown on the big screen. For us to boost your Hollywood marketing, we hire a professional screenwriter to create a screenplay for your book and double the effort in Hollywood marketing for your book.