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Internet Based Marketing

With over 4 billion users all over the globe, the internet has become an uncharted goldmine for industrialists to showcase their product anywhere and anytime across the world. This online podium also opened a gateway for our authors to establish their online reputation towards the success of their independent publishing.

Since the internet has numerous ways of making things possible, Book Art Press Solutions has multiple varieties of internet-based marketing that we have lined up for our authors.

Wildfire: Blog Tour

“From a little spark may burst a flame” – online exposure takes one step at a time to fuel sparks of interest into a bursting online sensation. Our ‘Wildfire’ program stirs up excitement for your book’s release by featuring it in different websites and blogs. These sites that we have specifically handpicked are flowing with online traffic and viewers to ensure success in building your online reputation. To continuously fuel the excitement, our marketers have worked together with our finest PR executives to create a different elevator pitch for your book marketing on each website and blog.

Author Website

Your readers will eventually come to you. They will start asking for more pieces and bits of your work. And when they do, the fastest way for them to reach out to you or learn more about your other works is through – none other than – through your own website.

One of the most fundamental factors to a successful online reputation is by having your own website. Your professional website, as an author, creates a platform where your readers can convene and talk about your books. Chances are, your website is also your ticket for traditional publishers to look you up anywhere and anytime.

Think of your website as your online calling card. This platform leads authors, such as yourself, to show your work all across the globe 24/7.

Search Engine Optimization

Owning a website is the start in building your online reputation. Making it visible and searchable in different search engines is another thing. The process of SEO starts when one searcher (a book enthusiast, most likely) types in a query in Google. Our job as your marketing experts is making sure your website, containing all your work, will be on the first 2 pages of the search results for your book.

Book marketing has never been easier. Although we are still investing in traditional marketing, banking in this innovative type of marketing has surely leveled out the book marketing field.