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Print Advertising

Anything in the form of writing sets a tone with conviction and formality. Hence, Book Art Press Solutions has always believed the power of traditional print marketing. From brochures, newspapers, and magazines, our extended network of connections has led our authors to reach more than a million book enthusiast.

Print marketing has maintained its effectiveness in reaching out to highly educated readers worldwide, conveying in a wide variety of topics depending on the genre of the released book.

Ingram Catalog

Known to be the largest book distributor in the United States, as well as in other countries, your book (newly released or republished) has the chance to be displayed in physical bookstores and libraries all across the globe.

The comprehensiveness of Ingram’s trade catalogs highlight titles attractively with easy to follow layout for the benefit of book enthusiasts and book shops.

New York Times

With over 2.3 million audiences, New York Times Sunday Readers are highly effective in reaching out to Fiction, Non-Fiction, Memoir, and Christian book buyers. New York Times is a platform set to broaden the book marketing of any genre.

One undeniable fact about the New York Times is that through their influence, 1.4 million bought Christian books for the past year. This result outscored other print marketing influencers such as Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

Publisher’s Weekly

Targeting independent publishers, booksellers, literary agents, and librarians, Publisher’ Weekly opens your book marketing’s efficiency on a different scale. The set of audience for this print marketing avenue is focusing on a different readership to further a book’s release on a business note.

Anonymous reviews will be given to each book to gauge the readability and highlights the specific group of readers the book to be presented.