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Book Review Writing Service written by Professional Book Reviewers

Book Art Press Solutions understands that the journey of each author leads them to their two ultimate R’s: recognition and recommendations. Having the knack of both at the early stages in book marketing, the full actualization of these ultimate objectives lies ahead on what the experts say, and by experts we mean – Book reviews.

It is amazing how book reviews impact the overall results of book marketing. The unfiltered words coming from the experts and reviewers are what the book buyers would bank on before purchasing. On a positive note, positive reviews are like badges of honor for an author. These literary medals of recognition and recommendation will be placed on your book to improve the ongoing book marketing.

Since we are only on the look for good books, we are quite confident in the results and reviews from anonymous critics. Hence, we have targeted the most trustworthy and highly praised reviews to give recommendations for your book.

  • Pacific Book Review
  • Kirkus Children’s Book Review
  • Kirkus Book Review
  • Blue Ink
  • Trifecta (Kirkus, Clarion, Blue Ink)
  • US Review of Books – Premium
  • US Review of Books – Platinum