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Build your Author Reputation through Press Release and Publicity Marketing

Writing Press Release even before your book launch will help build Author reputation. Press Release Professionals writes newsletters about your book and spread it to hundreds of media outlets around the globe. A great way to reach your target readers and build your brand as an Author.

For over a decade, Book Art Press believes that No Good Book deserves to be unread. As such, this philosophy transcended through time and directed us to enable authors in self publishing through our proven marketing process. We have precariously lined up necessary marketing platforms and connections for our independent publishing authors to reach their book’s maximum potential by introducing them to specific publicity channels.

Press Release

Just like how words construct a book, media outlets make up the backbone of publicity marketing. With over 300-500 media outlets that we are associated with, it has been proven that a book’s searchability, readability, and reachability will exponentially increase in a shorter duration. The intricate interconnection between these media outlets and some factors has been studied and well researched by our marketing experts to ensure a highly-individualized approach for each book.

Our connections are just but the first step in the chain reaction of publicity marketing. With the help of our PR professionals scattered all throughout the globe, a newsletter written by these experts will be delivered to all available media outlets to warrant a newsworthy press release for the public’s hungry eyes.

The Sensationalist (5 Professionals)

The synergy of five— the “Sensationalist” brings together the skills and expertise of five key authorities. A marketer, researcher, statistician, book analyst, and a bookstore distribution specialist team up to deliver fast and guaranteed promotional results for independent publishers.

For a title to perform excellently against competition, an author must tap the proficiency of specific agents who have good understanding on the causal conjunction between the seller, the product, and the consumer as this would be pivotal to the success of book publishers. For example, a book marketer studies the plausible areas of opportunity for a title while a researcher explores useful materials and examines possible flaws in a marketing design. A statistician on the other hand, works on theoretical and applied statistics and their impact on the work in progress while a book analyst investigates the trends and the applicability of a book genre to the changing demands of different markets. Lastly, a bookstore distributor is very useful in guaranteeing book availability and returnability, and in ensuring circulation is profitable and balanced between the author, his publisher and their retailers. Altogether, this five-man team creates a seamless system in implementing sales plans for an author’s book career.