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Reach book readers through Radio Interview

When you are just starting out as an author or on the stage of rebranding your published book, the luxury of connections and prestige can be limited. Which is why Book Art Press Solutions has come up with numerous ways on how to jumpstart your book marketing. One book marketing strategy we prepared for our authors is in the form of live broadcast or live radio interviews.

With our radio interviewers such as Kate Delaney, an Emmy Awardee, 6-8 minute interview would reach to a lot of audiences. Through radio interviews, you can also plug your upcoming book events to further build your reputation as an author.

Basically, your radio interview is a lot like having your own book commercial, being aired non-stop over 6-8 minutes. During this time, you can share your insights about your book and share your website or your social pages to increase the traffic of your online channels.