The Unerring Amalgam: Elements of a Publishable Book

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Elements of Publishable Book

“The publishing business is brimming with competition – so is becoming a published author. The aspiration of a neophyte in the publishing industry in building his or her name stems to numerous questions, such as: “In writing my book, what factors should I look into to create something publishable?” The process of making your book publishable invokes a series of steps – meticulous steps. These steps spring from the competitive nature of the publishing industry. The competition among publishing companies – may it be traditional publishers or self-publishing companies, sets a tone of nearly perfect creation for a book to be published. From book content to the book’s cover, everything is an unerring amalgam challenging the creativity and technicalities of the author. No matter how steep the competition is in this industry, the research and development department of Book Art Press Solutions has created unique factors that help their authors in landing a contract with traditional publishers.

Book Content

The content of your book is the main course of your creation, serving it to your readers in an original and unique perspective counts as an inevitable factor for a book to be publishable. Apart from the story itself, one important factor in the genesis of your book is how you tell the story to your audience. The structure of your book should carry a pinch of dynamicity, taking your readers from one event to another in a flawless manner. Lastly, the building of characters plays a vital role in the portrayal of your book to your readers. The characters have seen by researchers as a factor that gets immediate attention. Hence, spend time in creating your characters and devise a plan as to how they grow as your story progress.

Book Design

As cliché as it may sound but the line “a picture paints a thousand words” carries an unfathomable truth behind it. The design of your book cover creates a vivid mental picture among your readers as to what to expect on your book. Hence, your book cover design must be powerful – yet significant to the book. That is why, it is important to make sure that you have a picture in mind as to how the design should be. If you have a hard time in deciding which design should you go for, publishing agencies such as Book Art Press Solutions have the best book designers to transform your thoughts into a reality.

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