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The Quest for the Three Keys

By: Deke Rivers

The Quest for the Three Keys puts you on an enthralling pursuit as you piece together clues that lead to a controversial treasure. During WWII, many German generals traded and sold stolen works of art to private art collectors and made small fortunes for themselves. Herr General knew he would not survive the war, so he hid his stolen art in two inconspicuous locations and his money and wealth in a Swiss bank account, made a written manuscript in three languages and secured it in a leather-bound portfolio. This case was a written treasure map which leads to his stored gems. Years after the war, the portfolio surfaces and the chase begins.

Ian and Eli: Near Identical Twins – Their Story

By: Gauthier, J.D. James A.

Ian and Eli: Near Identical Twins – Their Story follows the lives of twins Ian and Eli Gehardi, nearly identical twins so rare only ten known births of such twins has been recorded and the only one in the past one hundred years. Ian and Eli are gifted with superior intellect and this is tied to their special cognitive abilities of remote viewing, premonitions, clairaudience, clairvoyance, healing and telekinesis.


Rob the Vatican

By: Robert Gallant

Rob the Vatican challenges readers to the possibilities of the impossible as it morphs the Città del Vaticano into the center of what could be the greatest heist in history. As the smallest country in the world, it is home to the leader of the Catholic Church and the stronghold for most of the faithful; the habitat of a significant number of treasures that have aged to be almost untouchable; perhaps uniquely surreal; one of the most secured places in the world.

Let Yesterday Go: Finding Grace in the Midst of the Storm

By: Lucinda Mills

From the age of seven to the age of eighteen, Lucinda Mills lived in fear of her father. The very man who was supposed to love and protect her was the one who robbed her of her innocence, making her the target of his sick perversions as he raped her repeatedly for over a decade. Years later, Lucinda was still dealing with the aftermath of incest and abuse, her hatred toward her father and the baggage she carried affecting every aspect of her life even her relationship with God, her Heavenly Father grew increasingly painful. Raw with emotion and honesty, this story is one that victims of all types of abuse can find hope in, discovering that it is possible to let the pains of yesterday go.