An Apprentice Dictator in the White House

  • An Apprentice Dictator in the White House


    by Abner Clerveaux

    • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(Color)
    • Pages: 104 Pages
    • Size: 5.5×8.5


    This is a true untold story of American patriotic history. It is a story of how a group of ordinary American citizens became involved in US foreign policy and intelligence around the world. At one point, the group was a household name in Washington, DC, and had direct contact with high-level officials, right up to the president of the United States. One Senate investigator said, “It is like you entered into a world of science fiction and then you find that it checks out.” The story tells how the group, with their sources for intelligence, helped end the Cold War with the former Soviet Union, along with freeing several countries that were ruled by brutal dictators. Then there was a nationwide scandal, and the group was abruptly pushed aside. Many major magazines, such as: New York Magazine (Christmas Issue) U.S. News and World Report, Time Magazine, Washington Post and Boston Globe wrote about the group, but the author, due to his privacy and well-being, had decided not to be involved in the articles. But now after thirty years, he has decided to write his true, untold story in American history.

    About the Author
    Political observer and radio commentator for the last three decades. Abner Clerveaux brings in this book a unique perspective by allowing the American people to glimpse at what a dictatorship looks like. His vast knowledge of third world politic helps him to combine two opposite political methods into one. A book full of suspense. Abner Clerveaux is married to Louise and Father of two kids.

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