Exploring Sex, Love and Lust

  • Exploring Sex, Love and Lust


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    Woody Allen said, “I don’t know the question, but sex is definitely the answer.” No doubt author Clive Peters would agree since he’s made it his mission to answer questions about intimacy, intercourse, and romance in his accessible, fact-filled, often personal and occasionally humorous book, Exploring Sex, Love and Lust. Peters promises in his introduction to teach readers to “understand what drives you, what drives your partner … and what’s most enjoyable…” Good news: Peters keeps that promise. The author, who has worked as a technical writer for various industries, combines his interest in medical research and sexual relations to cover a wide swath of subjects from the anatomical (“The Penis,” ” The Love Muscle,” ” Breasts”) to the sexual (“Pornography,” “Fetish and Fantasy,”) to the psychological (“Problem Solving”). No matter the topic, Peters manages to avoid titillation by talking to readers in a straightforward manner and, occasionally, by citing interesting statistics. For instance, when discussing masturbation, Peters writes: “I’ve read surveys that show 98 percent of men masturbate, and 68 percent of women masturbate as well.” On the subject of pornography, he notes: “Figures published in 2011 show pornography was viewed by 35.9 percent of internet users in the UK.” For those who want, or need visual aids, there are several basic illustrations in the “Positions and Locations” chapter. Although graphic, they avoid being pornographic, and accompanying prose is simple and direct.

    About the Author
    When Clive Peters retired from a wide-ranging career, spanning many years, and in a number of disciplines, including Radio, TV, publishing, marketing, manufacturing and retail industries, he had a medical problem that prompted him to research matters related to male sexual health. His medical researches brought him into contact with a number of doctors, one of whom became his closest friend, advisor and mentor. Clive realised he had stumbled upon an aspect of male sexuality that few had researched before. His first book, How to Maximise Your Manhood – What Every Red-Blooded Male Needs to Know provided solutions for tens of thousands of men. His success astonished him. Not only did sales of the book continue to climb – in its fifth year of publication it appeared in Amazon’s top 100 bestsellers, but also the interest shown by female readers; now in its 10th year and still selling. With contributors of both sexes writing under the world-wide-web cloak of anonymity, has resulted in the publication of Exploring Sex, Love and Lust. When Clive spoke of his work to his personal physician, saying that he was prompted by the ignorance shown on this subject by young adults, his doctor said that he had patients of 65 who could also benefit from this book. Clive Peters is married with a grown-up family. His hobbies include sailing, travel, and writing.

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