It’s So Gay and It’s Okay

  • It’s So Gay and It’s Okay


    by Reg Psy Dr Wallace Wong

    • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(Color)
    • Pages: 34 Pages
    • Size: 5.5×8.5


    Jamie is so excited for the first day of school. As he puts on a pink shirt, he thinks about making new friends and learning new things. But when Jamie enters the classroom, everything suddenly changes. When a boy laughs at Jamie’s pink shirt and calls him gay, Jamie is mortified. Still, he goes home without telling his parents, determined to never wear that shirt again. The next day, Jamie begins playing with a doll in the classroom. Soon, all the boys are laughing at him again. Jamie knows he should probably tell a teacher, but instead he decides not to play with dolls. Jamie just wants to fit in, but as he tries to change himself to be accepted, he grows more and more unhappy. How will Jamie handle the situation? Can he learn to accept himself and be happy? It’s So Gay, and It’s Okay is a children’s tale that shares an important message: it is okay to be unique and different.

    About the Author
    Dr. Wallace Wong is a clinical psychologist who has been working with children and youth with gender and sexual issues for more than sixteen years. He has researched and presented different papers on transgender children and youths. He is actively involved in the transgender community and raising awareness and understanding for this population. He is the author of When Kathy is Keith and It’s So Gay, and It’s Okay, a children’s book about the transgender experience. Dr. Wong currently lives in Canada.

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