No destiny, There is no Santa Claus

  • No destiny, There is no Santa Claus


    The True Story of Christmas


    • Published: August 2017
    • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
    • Pages: 306
    • Size: 6×9
    • ISBN: 9781543417289




    This delightful Christmas story is in the ilk of “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Taking place over the weekend following Thanksgiving, it involves a young family in Ohio. Enjoy the twist and turns as they endure a blizzard, secrets, church duties, a special dinner, a terminal illness, irate parents, cultural acceptance and religious inclusion. But the main theme is a special relationship between a father and his daughter. For Destiny, everything in life is new. And she can’t sit still for not understanding all that come into her young life. She has a mine like a sponge, which amazes her father. This is about the true meaning and purpose of Christmas and why it is celebrated by a third of the world’s population; including other cultures which celebrate some form of Christmas, and still other societies that have celebrations at this same time.

    The story reveals half the world observes a religious event honoring God in some form at this time of the year. Rather than teaching children about Santa bringing gifts to every child, they should be telling them the truth; which is, we give gifts to our children in celebration of what God has given to us, — “The Greatest Gift ever given”. Through our hard work we are able to purchase the gifts we give at Christmas. Why tell such a big lie to children and give the credit to this imaginary figure. We’ve earned that credit. This story ends with a lesson for the entire world. Christmas is one of the greatest tools we have to bring the world together, if we include all peoples, everywhere.

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