Panther & Me

  • Panther & Me


    By Barb McCarter-Walker

    • Published: August 2017
    • Format: Paperback | Hardback | Ebook
    • Pages: 426
    • Size: 6×9
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    Have you ever asked these questions: “What is a service dog?” “What does a service dog do?” “Can I pet a service dog?” Have you ever been shocked or appalled to see a dog wearing a vest while in your neighborhood, grocery store, restaurant, movie theater, church, or even your school? Have you ever thought to yourself or commented out loud to a service dog owner that he or she doesn’t look disabled? If yes, then rest assured that you’re not alone. In her new book, Panther & Me, Barb unveils her personal true story to answer commonly asked questions through her read, color, and learn methods. With enthusiasm, the writer wants everyone to understand the importance of service dogs and the truths surrounding them. As a matter of fact, this book is applauded by a group of service dog handlers who are discriminated against because they look like nothing is wrong with them at all.

    They may have hidden disabilities, with their own symbol shown in the book. Barb usually experiences this when she is not using her wheelchair and appears “normal.” Barb is glad to set the record straight to defend herself and other sufferers. After all, it is hard enough being physically or mentally different without being badgered for not looking “sick enough” according to society. Open the captivating pages of Panther & Me. You will find an interactive format like you have never seen before. Watch or assist your child in sharing a wonderful and unique journey of a woman and her service dog. Every child of any age ought to read, color, and learn this poignant true story of modern-day love, friendship, and loyalty in the face of bullying, health battles, and life-altering crises. Finally, Panther & Me brings awareness and advocacy for the fulfillment of worldwide education, acceptance, and tolerance of special people with their trained, ready-to-help canines of many breeds.

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