Redemption: The God Stone Trilogy

  • Redemption: The God Stone Trilogy


    by Joaquin Lopez

    • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(Color)
    • Pages: 270 Pages
    • Size: 6×9


    Something is just not right these days. It’s like we’re out of alignment with our core values and have lost respect for . . . respect. Through a detailed exploration of what respect means, how we experience it (and how we process its absence), author Eve Linn invites readers to consider the holistic impact of this societal paradigm shift. Has respect for family members, friends, and strangers-not to mention the self-become an endangered quality in humanity? In addition, is the lack of respect for the property and dignity of others a symptom of a deeper, more insidious disease afflicting humanity? Linn suggests that the recent worldwide protests against corporate greed may in fact be a conscious or subconscious contemporary response to this apparent loss of respect. She investigates this theory as she reviews the development of post-World War II pluralistic economic societies and other significant developments of the area of industrialization. By exploring these ideas, Linn, a psychotherapist, has come to the conclusion that we have lost respect in general during our past journey from preindustrial times to pluralistic economic societies. She also questions the fact of more aggressive behaviors in our societies in light of the recent, increasingly disastrous behaviors of Mother Nature, considering this coincidence from a metaphysical level of understanding us as a human species in the world in which we live.

    About the Author
    Joaquin was born in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. He grew up a migrant farm worker. Not wanting to do this the rest of his life he applied himself in school. After high school he started working full time at a bank and attending college at night. After several years he completed his degree in accounting. While attending college at night he began to read The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan and became hooked on the genre. He still works full time at a bank in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. He has enjoyed reading the science fiction fantasy genre so much that he decided to try writing himself.

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