The Inside World: A New Age Fairy Tale

  • The Inside World: A New Age Fairy Tale


    by Saharra White-Wolf

    • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(Color)
    • Pages: 66 Pages
    • Size: 8.5×11


    This is the first book of “The Inner Knowing Trilogy” based on Saharra’s experience with the spirit world in this life time. The hero of the story is a young boy named Ezrael, who is chosen by the spiritual world to increase the vibration of love on planet earth. The story shows how the spiritual world tried to connect with him (as with us) all the time, through synchronicity and events that guide him away from darkness toward the light. It is an adventure through initiation, spiritual connection, doubt, fall of the hero until ultimately he finds unconditional self-love and compassion. It is written to inspire people to have faith again in the spiritual realm, to show that love will always be the most powerful force on our planet. This fairy tale is written for nine-year-olds and older with the intention to help children, adolescents, and even adults to connect back to the spiritual world and to their hearts. Evocative illustrations, created by her children, family, friends and spiritual artist Laura McClanahan will help the reader to visualize the realm of the spirit as the hero interacts with unseen forces.

    About the Author
    Saharra White-Wolf was born and raised in Austria. She received her spiritual name in 2014. The meaning from the spirit of “Saharra” is “the unlimited expansion of consciousness,” and “White-Wolf” the “Teacher of ancient wisdom and unconditional love.” She changed her name officially to honor her spiritual path for this life and beyond. She lives in Milford, New Jersey and is passionate in awakening people to their Divinity and to their multidimensional. She does that specifically with Akashic Record Consultations, Light Language DNA activation and different styles of Cosmic Language of Light Ceremonies with drumming and sometimes combined with Peruvian Fire Full Moon Ceremonies. Her higher self-guided her to write books about her spiritual awakenings. That’s how the first book was created. The second one is in the making.

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