The Review Yard: The Right Type of Review to Choose

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“The preparation of your book readies it to be evaluated by book reviewing services. Before impulsively choosing a book review service, there are things you need to understand for the individualization of your needs as a published author. Understand the dissimilarity among these book reviewing services and pick the best one suited for your needs.” Book reviewing services has given authors two specific types for you to choose from which are professional reviews and crowdsourced review. Published authors need to understand the difference of these two to maximize the utilization of the review and granting the ultimate goal of the author. Understanding these two types of reviews can help you pick out the best for your book marketing suited for your individualized needs. So, here are few things you need to understand about these two types of book reviewing services.

Crowdsourced Reviews

The term crowdsourced specifies the idea of collective information pitched in by the audiences through a given platform. In this case, the usual platform for the crowdsourced reviews come from GoodReads, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon. Since the comments and reviews come from your readers, the comments range from an in depth, qualitative commentary about your book to complete uselessness. This type of review offers dozens of opinions from various reading personal experiences. These comments can help you make a better version of the book in the future or even know some of your areas for improvement. Although, crowsdourced reviews are considered as informal and therefore cant be used by librarians and booksellers.

Professional Review

Unlike crowdsourced reviews where anyone can write it, professional reviews are written by selected people called critics who work for respectable institutions such as newspapers, magazines, inline publication and etc. Paid professional book reviews can be used to solicit other reviews and can increase the success of your book marketing. The downside of this type of review is that it may not be easy to obtain as book reviewing services are usually overwhelmed by queries. It’ll be easier if you ask the help from book agencies such as Book Art Press Solutions to acquire professional reviews from respectable critics.

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