Book Art Press offers wide range of promotion and book marketing platforms for authors. Based on individual marketing needs, you can select marketing services and specially designed packages.

Why Marketing Platforms Are Important?

Regardless if you get our service or not, promoting is a necessity for authors wanting to generate sales. Marketing is a key-point for sale success, increase visibility and conversion for books.

Our Book Art Press marketing platforms are specifically designed to give authors the maximum exposure, based on individual marketng budget. These platforms will help you gain strategies to market your book, while increasing consumer awareness at the very least of time. Book Art Press will help you throughout the campaign. If you would like to know more about our service, contact us immediately.

Unsure About Marketing?

Don’t even know how to advertise on any online marketing platforms? No problem! Book Art Press can manage, plan, and create unique advertisement strategy that can increase customer awareness for your books, website, or fan pages to reach your target market. We can plan your marketing efforts around your audience for potential readers or sales. Each marketing efforts are unique, and what might work for one author may not fit for the other. Book Art Press is committed in helping you make the best decision possible. If you need help navigating your marketing options, contact Book Art Press today, or via phone at 1-800-351-3529.

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We believe you are a result-oriented author and we care for your growth, your journey, and your success. We have skilled consultants that provide the best platforms and strategies using our proven track of experiences both in the US and International demographics.

Our team does not only follow the trend in the publishing marketplace,but we design and create based on our authors’ individual needs and potentials. We are assertive and we are keen on every author’s dream to be noticed by traditional publishing houses.

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