Sell More Books With Our Publicity Service At Book Art Press

Media Coverage

Book Art Press will pitch you to a variety of media channels (newspapers, TV shows, magazines, radio shows & podcasts).

Book Reviews

Book Art Press will pitch your book to book reviewers in order to collaborate as many reviews as possible online.

Social Engagement

Book Art Press will engage social channels to promote your book – YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and more.

Most independent authors struggle in gaining the right exposure for their books. It is not as easy as posting online or advertising once on TV, radio or print. Marketing needs effective and proper planning to avoid wasting time and money.

Our experienced book publicists are profiled according to your book genre. Your publicist will oversee and manage your author brand, image and manage all possible media relations.

This includes acquiring endorsements, pitching interviews and features in magazines, newspapers, online publishing portals, trade publications even radio and television broadcasts. Plus, the book publicist widens the title to social networking profiles and leverages the interest of the audience.

Do you need help in reaching out the right readers for your book? Book Art Press provides best results that your book needs to get the word out about your genre and increase sales on your book, without spending a fortune.We are experts in generating book reviews and media exposure through our publicist service while creating awareness and build authority.

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We believe you are a result-oriented author and we care for your growth, your journey, and your success. We have skilled consultants that provide the best platforms and strategies using our proven track of experiences both in the US and International demographics.

Our team does not only follow the trend in the publishing marketplace,but we design and create based on our authors’ individual needs and potentials. We are assertive and we are keen on every author’s dream to be noticed by traditional publishing houses

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