Months and even years of painstaking work— you know it’s worth reading and you need to take the next big step— but how do you PUBLISH a book? You’ve been getting countless good feedback from everyone about this project of yours, but everything else seems a blur. You just don’t know how to move past this point. You can’t decide which publisher to work with, finding the right model is problematic and even worse, all the options out there require unreasonable funding for the wrong set of goals.

While prepping a book for a title launch sure is taxing, you don’t need to burden yourself with all the detail. Getting yourself a reliable planner can save you all the unwanted stress as you test the waters. From creating that striking book cover and interior to writing the book synopsis and even down to selecting the right book promotion services after the book is printed – all these tasks are filled by a publisher, all these are involved in publishing in general. Remember, telling your story should be a positive and rewarding experience and for a first time independent author, this is hugely dependent on how proficient and trustworthy your publisher is.

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The goal of marketing is to draw consumers in and influence them to buy a certain product. When you’re a writer, the measure of your influence is scaled through readership. How many people are drawn to buy and read copies of your book and how much name recall you command determines how successful you are as an author. Learn the newest techniques and methodologies to target the right set of audience, connect with bookstores, advertise by tapping the biggest names in the blog community, publish with the largest brands in print ad or broadcast your book through the most popular channels in radio and television.

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A well-groomed manuscript is always welcome in the tables of producers and has the better chance of landing a deal compared to those that are not edited and rigged with faulty grammar, erroneous punctuation and incoherent paragraphs. A poorly edited manuscript gives decision-makers the wrong impression that the writer is lazy or inexperienced and can injure a burgeoning career before it even starts.

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  • Developmental Editing

Our Developmental editing service merges the sharpness of copyediting plus the right-tuning of plot, characterization and setting.