Even the best writers make occasional mistakes.



Line Editing

is used for manuscripts that require basic revisions in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. The syntax (choice of words) and overall readability may also be addressed.


Content Editing

is ideal for manuscripts that need restructuring or rewriting of sentences. It addresses more complex grammatical changes, choice of words and arrangements. It highlights on a big-picture scale that focuses on the content’s readability, consistency and coherence.


Developmental Editing

is the most detailed and comprehensive. It combines all the core elements of transforming a material to a bookstore-ready condition. One, the developmental editor identifies big-picture areas that need work: chapters, paragraphs, the plot, the characterizations, descriptions and audience level/ readership. After that, the editor scrutinizes the grammatical flow. A thorough editing (grammar, semantics, syntax, punctuations) is applied for the material to be professional written, yet retaining the author’s voice. Finally, the manuscript will have a Quality Review to see to it that the revisions are properly applied from the bigger picture down to every minute detail.