What are our marketing services?


Strengthening your credibility as an author is the first step to earning respect, fame or recognition and book sales. The ultimate goal of this service is for the titles to gain a powerful endorsement from the trusted book-reviewing bodies that commands the readers about the books that stand out and matter in terms of quality, substance and readership. More than 85% of Amazon Kindle users depend on the reviewers that define their purchasing capabilities. We have partnered with respectable and recognizable reviewers. These reviews are posted or distributed to major search engines with optimization.



Getting a credible book review is one of the most challenging task for any published author. A positive book review from a respected source can add a great deal of credibility to your published work and have an immeasurable impact on your book sales.  Founded in 1933, Kirkus reviews are often used by librarians and booksellers when deciding how to stock their shelves.



Foreword offers honest, credible book reviews.


Pacific Book Review

Publishers Weekly, familiarly known in the book world as PW and "the bible of the book business," is a weekly news magazine focused on the international book publishing business. It is targeted at publishers, booksellers, librarians, literary agents, authors and the media. It offers feature articles and news on all aspects of the book business, bestsellers lists in a number of categories, and industry statistics, but its best known service is pre-publication book reviews, publishing some 9,000 per year. Our customized partnerships fused the digital and printed advertisements with the banners and newsletters to the desired categories: religion, children’s books, international audience, best-seller’s club, review consideration and announcements to select titles.

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